Waterproof Crib 5 Memory Spring Mattress


Waterproof Crib 5 Memory Spring Mattress Consists of three-layer breathable hollow cotton and cloth, this extra thick padding is soft than ever and offering luxurious comfy without overheating; processed by the latest ultrasonic craft and the TPU backing is inside crib mattress cover, no plastic crinkle sound, regardless of any movement. 

The Crib 5 Mattress is our basic affordable waterproof mattress option, popular contract environments including nursing homes, student accommodation etc. With a 6 inch open coil spring unit, this mattress provides medium support. 

The Mattress provides medium-firm support and has a  reinforced mattress edge to provide you with a full width sleeping area. Finished in an attractive blue, the Nautilus Supreme meets all ignition source 5 regulations and is fully waterproof.