Plain Upholstered Floorstanding Headboard


Our classic plain upholstered headboard is still made using the original Spanish upholstery techniques. Handmade to order in your choice of material and color, the sumptuously padded headboard brings a luxurious feel to any bedroom. The headboard is also made out of solid wood which ensures the headboard has a long lifespan. Need a matching bed or a mattress to go with your headboard? Why not take a look at our other products to complete your dream bed!

Instantly elevate any bedroom with the plain Upholstered 54" Floorstanding Headboard. The elegant headboard creates a welcoming and relaxing sleeping space, plus provides optimal support, whether reading before lights out or enjoying breakfast in bed. Both cozy and contemporary, the headboard quickly and easily transforms a room, instantly adding enhanced comfort and a refined sense of sophisticated style.